Recognition of foreign school certificates and qualification certificates – school leaving certificates and professional qualifications

Foreign school leaving certificates and graduation certificates can be evaluated and compared to a German general education school certificate by our authority. (“Berufsreife”, “mittlerer Schulabschluss”, “Abitur”) 

If the requirements are fulfilled you receive a recognition certificate for professional purposes (for example to start a vocational training) or to continue your school education.  

Apart from that we evaluate foreign professional qualifications such as nursery teachers and geriatric nurses and other professional qualifications that can be achieved by an only school based education.

The responsibility for the recognition of further professional qualifications depends on what kind of profession it is.

Please be sure to consider the Local jurisdiction and the responsibility for the valuation of foreign Higher Education Degrees (for example Bachelor Diplomas) or if you intend to study at a German University.

If you want to visit us in person to make your request, please make an appointment first. You will find our telephone hours under ‘contact’ 

Please note that the processing is subject to a fee. 


Personal visits are only possible by prior arrangements

Countries with the letters A-L
Mr. Torsten Wolff
Telephone Hours:  
Mo. – Fr.  11h – 12h and 14h – 15h
Phone: +49(651) 9494-344

Countries with the letters M-Z
Mrs. Stefanie Heß 
Telephone Hours:  
Mo., Tu., Thur.  11h – 12h and 14h – 15h
Phone: +49(651) 9494-949

Poland and foreign vocational qualifications
Mr. Dominik Gerke 
Phone: +49(261) 4932-39432

North-, Central- and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Former States of  Yugoslavia, Albania und Turkey
Mrs. Ursula Brandenburger
Telephone Hours:  
Mo., Tue., Wed., Thur.  10h – 12h
Phone: +49(671) 97001-214

Mrs. Monika Zender 
Telephone Hours: 
Mo., Wed., Thur.  11h – 12h and 14h – 15h
Phone: +49(651) 9494-330