Recognition of Foreign School and Professional Certificates — Foreign Graduation Certificates, Proof of Education, and Professional Qualifications

Diplomas obtained abroad for completing high school or a similar educational equivalent can be evaluated and compared to a German educational school certificate (“Berufsreife”, “mittlerer Schulabschluss” and “Abitur”) by our authority. 

If your certificate or diploma fulfills the requirements, you will receive a recognition certificate necessary for professional purposes (for example to begin vocational training), or to continue your school education.

Additionally, we evaluate qualifications obtained abroad for professions such as educators, geriatric nurses, and other professional qualifications that can be received through a purely school-based education.  

Please visit this website to determine the jurisdiction for the recognition of other professional certifications obtained abroad, as the responsibility vary based on the field that the certification was obtained in: 

Please make sure to check the local jurisdiction and the jurisdiction for the evaluation of foreign higher education degrees (for example Bachelor’s degrees) or if you intend to study at a German University.  

If you want to visit us in person to make your request, please make an appointment first. You will find our telephone hours under “Contact”.   

FAQ - Frequent Questions to the Application Process